Archangel Woodworks CO-OP is a unique environment where woodworkers of all types work together, sharing knowledge, ideas and inspiration. AWC’s spacious 12,000 square foot shop is located in the heart of Worcester, Massachusetts in the Crompton and Knowles building.

Offering bench space, private studio space, or open studio time, AWC will fit your needs. Whether you are a serious woodworker, a start up shop, or an established shop looking to downsize and reduce overhead, Archangel Woodworks is the perfect environment for you. Sharing space and equipment with other woodworkers in the same shop, you will be able to take advantage of in-house out-sourcing, pooling resources for larger jobs, group buys for discounts on lumber and materials, in-house finishing, and most excitingly, sharing ideas and knowledge with fellow furnituremakers, cabinetmakers and woodworkers.